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Winter 2019 Recital

New piano students are welcome any time of the year. Adults are welcome—if you’ve always wanted to learn to play, there is no better time to start than now! I love teaching a variety of ages in my studio. Please email or phone to find out what time slots are currently available. My main goal in working with students is to take them from wherever they are and to work with them to expand their musical ability and knowledge. I work with younger students to give them a good solid basic foundation. For older students, I want to know what their personal goals are too. If there is a piece or style you’ve always wanted to learn—let’s look at making that happen.


  • Lessons are typically ½ hour per week (45 minute and 1 hour also available for advance students)
  • Close to Salnave School in Cheney 
  • Mid-month start is pro-rated [Sept-June]
  • Discounts available for siblings


  • Weekly lesson
  • Printed handouts/exercises
  • Studio classes (typically two a year—fall and spring)
    Studio classes are a time to get together with other students to perform for each other and learn more about music.
  • Recitals (two a year—late fall/spring). Spring 2020 recital was offered via Zoom. If necessary, future recitals will also be online. 
  • Sign-up for Spokane Music Teachers Association (SMTA) Holiday Performances
  • Assistance with registration and preparation for Music Literacy Exams
  • Assistance with registering/scheduling/preparation for adjucation or perfomances as needed (i.e. SMTA Music Artistry Program / Celebrate Music, Solo & Ensemble Contest, etc.)

NOTE: Additional performance opportunities and literacy exams are not required. However, preparing material for performance and studying technique/theory are often one of the best ways to expand your musical ability—so I recommend and support both the literacy exams and performances.

NOT COVERED in Fee: Printed music / books

Lessons are charged monthly.  Lessons will be pro-rated if beginning mid-month. Summer rates are discounted.

REGULAR LESSON FEES [September thru June]

$130 per month | ½ hour lessons
$175 per month | 45 minute lesson
$230 per month | 1 hour lessons

Beginning students should plan on ½ hour lessons to start. Longer lessons are available for more advanced students.

Spring 2020 Zoom Recital
Fall 2018 Recital

Contact Information


mobile: 509-230-8742