Janet Hubbard–

holds a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Colorado where she studied with Doris Lehnert, as well as a Bachelor of Music in Piano from Pittsburg State University (Kansas) where she studied piano with John MacKay and harpsichord with Susan Marchant. She also holds a Master of Science in Education (focus on Information Media/Instructional Design) from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, which included study of motivational theory, pedagogy (learning/teaching for children), and andragogy (learning/teaching for adults).

Janet’s experience in teaching piano began in the 1980’s teaching non-music majors at both Pittsburg State University and the University of Colorado. As Piano Faculty at the week-long PSU Summer Arts Festival during this time period, she worked with grade school through high school students at varying stages of artistic development. In the early 1990’s she taught through the Minnetonka Community Services Musical Offerings program in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Following her teaching in Minnetonka, she continued teaching part-time through a piano studio in her home. Janet has a passion for teaching others and helping them explore their own artistic connections. She is interested in both solo and collaborative endeavors and encourages her students to participate in both arenas. She is also interested in a wide variety of music and will assist students in following their own passion with music choices.

Working in collaborative music, Janet has extensive accompanying experience, working with vocalists, instrumentalists (especially trumpet, trombone, tuba, flute, bassoon and oboe) as well as accompanying many choirs over the years. She is currently the Faculty Collaborative Pianist at Spokane Falls Community College and collaborates with music students at Eastern Washington University as well as accompanying for many local music festivals. Additionally, she has provided church music for a range of denominations on both piano and organ, including accompanying church choirs. During her college years’ she performed in several ensembles (orchestra – cello, piano, celeste, and percussion; choir – piano accompanist and vocal; symphonic band – percussion). Additionally, she assisted in new composition performances both as a pianist in a string quintet and as an orchestral pianist at both Pittsburg State University and the University of Colorado. She also composes music when time allows.

Returning to music as a primary focus in 2017, Janet is currently recruiting students for her piano studio in the Cheney/West Plains area as well as students in Spokane. (Thursday evenings only for Spokane teaching.) She welcomes all ages and all levels in her studio.

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mobile: 509.230.8742